Fully robotic cooking with fresh ingredients, served without human assistance.

Ruby on RailsReact Native

Why: Food services worldwide struggle to operate and lose profitability

Problems arise mostly because of increasing costs of labor (3-5% annually) and shortage of suitable staff (average turnover rate – 66.3%).

3 to 5

employees can be replaced


operating time

saves business a lot of money

the system can provide wide variety of dishes

Solution: Replace kitchen and service personnel with a robot

The robot cooks with computer precision, optimizing use of ingredients and provides accurate data on nutritional values of the meal. Detailed transparent data about all processes and ingredients through a mobile app.

Result: Robot designed by food service professionals and engineers

It takes into account all the details on food handling, hygiene, use of resources, market placement, and other crucial elements.

The system can cook:





Technologies we used to create the ROBO EATZ solution:

iOS / android / cross-platform

mobile apps

business critical

software development

ui / ux